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Reputation and credibility are everything in business and without our loyal customers, industry recognition and accolades we are nothing. Building honest, strong, trusting and long-lasting relationships is our bedrock and, our rubber stamp of approval. A testimony that we are getting it right and changing the face of the construction industry.

Awards & Reviews

Reputation and credibility are everything in business and without our loyal customers, industry recognition and accolades we are nothing. Building honest, strong, trusting and long-lasting relationships is our bedrock and, our rubber stamp of approval. A testimony that we are getting it right and changing the face of the construction industry.


"What our wonderful customers say"

Build Consultation Review

We are so pleased that we went with a design consultation exercise with ProBuild 360. Looking to take on an extension project for our property, we had already formed a picture of the end state in our mind. Barham went through our requirements and vision in detail and the session was so valuable in bringing […]

Consultation Review

Dear Savannah, Thank you for arranging the meeting with myself and Bahram yesterday. The meeting proved to be extremely productive and left me feeling very excited. Bahram had some amazing ideas which we both felt would create an even bigger impact than originally envisaged from my architect drawings. He also pointed out that this would […]

Review on Major Extension project in Solihull

For reference our home was the ‘Major Extensions Project in Solihull’ in the Projects section of Houzz, but it didn’t start off looking anything like that.  Finding a design and build team to deliver on our ideas was a challenge at first, I rang a number of companies who were good at their craft without […]

Build Consultation Review

Dear Pam, (Probuild staff) As you are aware, my home is in need of cosmetic attention and, finances permitting, an extension.  I am a single parent working full time so have very little besides regular living expenses hence cost will always be an issue for me. Probuild360 were recommended by someone that had previous experience […]

Build Consultation Review – Sarah

Having decided we needed better utilise our downstairs space and add anotherbedroom to our property me and my husband contacted Probuild 360 to enquireabout where to start? Having done research and asking friends who have hadextensions it seemed like a potentially stressful experience having to contact anarchitect, then a builder, submit planning permission and deal […]

Build Consultation Review – Raffaela

Our meeting with Bahram was very informative and inspiring. Whilst we’d done afair bit of research into how we could get the best out of our property andinvestment, Bahram had many really good pointers and ideas to help us seebeyond our original plans. His enthusiasm and knowledge made us feel instantlyat ease with our choice […]

Warwickshire End Terrace

Having been very impressed by the quality of our work and service levels, our client, who was relocating from London simply handed us the keys and asked us to renovate his entire house! From rewiring, plastering, flooring, kitchen extension and stylish new kitchen to the bathroom. We designed, built and installed. His comments highlight the […]

Trevor, Wolverhampton Church

To whom it may concern,   I am writing this letter in thanking ‘Pro-Build 360 Ltd’, for the excellent and fine way they have gone about accommodating our urgent request at very short notice several days ago, to solve our heating crisis at ‘Bethel All Saints Apostolic Church’, which threatened to impact on our weekly […]


We will always be eternally grateful to our neighbour for recommending Probuild360 and to Bahram and his wonderful team and family for making, what could have been a massively stressful time, go as smoothly as possible. His positive attitude, warm personality, knowledge and skill together with a great team, have given us the home of […]


Would I recomend probuild360? I wouldn’t hesitate in doing so, they provide a quality build with very helpful staff and are always willing to put the customer first. What really struck us was the attention to detail, which was very important to us, as you can have a quality build, but the finish isn’t good […]

Jane C, Moseley

I didn’t have to co-ordinate anybody else, Bahram did all that. When we did work in our previous house, it was myself that was contacting electricians and plumbers etc, that all have their own speed of working, but Bahram did it all which was ‘fantastic’. If there were any concerns or if I wanted to […]


We have worked alongside Pro Build 360 on a number of projects large and small. We find their attention to detail and proactive approach most refreshing, Pro Build work closely with their clients to make the whole construction process run as smoothly as possible. The team at Brock Charles hope to do many more projects […]



Client Interview

    Interview from a previous client, “L.C”  

Q – “Why did you buy a home to extend and renovate, rather than buy a home that met your complete needs?”

“It was all about the location for us. We had a nice house, but we didn’t like our location. 

We wanted to live in the area where my daughter goes to school. There are lots of good, safe spaces for children to play and we wanted to give our children the best start and education we could. Unfortunately, the houses available were very expensive and over our budget. So, I spoke with my estate agent who helped me sell my house and buy a house in the area that needed extending and renovating.”

Q – “Did you use the Probuild360 build consultation service?”

“Yes, it was really good. Bahram was knowledgeable and he was able to give me a very accurate verbal estimate pretty much immediately. This was followed by a full build summary pack detailing absolutely everything I needed.”

Q – “How did you hear about Probuild360?”

“My estate agent, Davidsons Estate Agents recommended Probuild360. They know my family and me well and understood what I wanted to achieve in terms of a new home. Following the recommendation, I spent time researching other property developers, however, I found that they either only carried out construction work, or just design work, not a fully holistic service. When I looked at Probuild360’s website I immediately saw that they offered the whole turnkey service of planning, design, construction, and installation. I just had changed my job and wanted to be able to focus on that, not worry and stress over the renovation of my new home. I knew this type of holistic service would be more expensive than a typical self-build, but I wouldn’t have a clue where to start and I needed to ensure that all the stress was removed so that I could focus on my new job and young family.  I was very impressed with Probuild360’s five-star reviews on both Google and Houzz.” 

Q – “How did you feel handing over the keys to your newly purchased property as soon as the sale was complete?”

We had formed a good relationship over a short period of time, I was fine with. It was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to give my key to a trusted builder and walk away knowing my property was in expert hands. I always knew I was welcome on site anytime and, it was my choice to visit the property or not, but I also had the confidence to stand back and let Probuild360 roll out the project.  I always felt in control and always had a clear understanding of what stage the project was at. I have to say they were always ahead of schedule.

Q – “Why did you choose Probuild360 over other property developers? What made you trust them?” 

“When I initially met with Bahram, I could tell immediately that he knew a lot about the construction business and what was required to fulfil my needs. We met again at a later date and this time a couple of members of his team accompanied us and we reviewed the property together. I was then able to tell them what I wanted and imagined. One of the team members noticed some lose bricks and showed me that an old window didn’t have a steel frame on top. This gave me the confidence that they all knew and could see things that I didn’t think or even know about. I immediately gave me confidence and from then on, I felt I could trust them.” 

Q – “How long did the project take from start to finish”

It started in April 2020 lasted until early August. It was quick when my tenancy came to an end we moved in straight away. Probuild360 didn’t have a chance to complete the snags but during the project, we had become friends and I was comfortable for them to continue to snag whilst we lived there. If I felt something wasn’t right, I could always talk to them and they would always offer help, guidance and if necessary, a solution. 

Q – “What was your overall experience of Probuilds full 360 services: planning, design, construction, and installation?”

Overall, it was very good. From the moment I met with Bahram, I could see his knowledge and expertise, followed by a visit to their showroom where you see for yourself the quality of products and installation then to experience the construction teams speed and execution, it was great. The 

communication and constant reassurance were outstanding. The team removed all the stress, pressures, and worries.

Q – “Was the project delivered to budget?”

Yes, my original scope of work was. However, I decided to add further elements to the project such as converting my double garage into an office and additional hallway adding even more space. And I chose higher specification installations such as my work top, cooker, and handless cupboards throughout. The thing is with Probuild360 they provide you with options and spaces you don’t know exist, haven’t even thought, or even imagined! You don’t experience this kind of service even in John Lewis’ and that, is one of the brilliant things about Probuild360! 


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Thank you Probuild 360

Only building/renovation team you need is PROBUILD 360!

We thought we would give probuild a try and so went ahead with the initial consultation. For the cost-effective fee of £360 we got so much more and would have happily paid more for the level of detail, comfort and reassurance that was given by Bahram. Everything was explained so clearly and followed up with a detailed write up breaking down our discussions. We were initially sceptical about contacting probuild because we felt they must be too expensive, however you get what you pay for. The stress of having to manage and organise a build is no doubt worrying but with Probuild they remove all of that hassle and make the journey so pleasant. I 100% recommend such a great company that is filled with a team that make building your dream project so easy.

Thanks to the Probuild team


10 November 2021 – Client

We first came across Probuild 360 when we saw one of their boards outside another development. 

An initial appointment was made with the lovely Savannah for Bahram to come and see us. On schedule Bahram came to our property with Pouria, they spent as much time as we needed going through our vision of what we required, they then challenged us with ideas we hadn’t even considered, some of their ideas blew us away. Both Bahram and Pouria were so professional and knowledgeable, and made us feel so at ease. They filled us with total confidence they could deliver what was proposed. Within days, an initial quote was emailed with a clear breakdown of all the things we can do, we can then select what work we want done and see the cost of each. 

We also went to Probuild offices and showroom. Savannah showed us around, and what a variety of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and garden rooms they had, we got so many more ideas of what we can do. At this visit we had another meeting with Bahram and Pouria, there was no pressure from them, they were happy to discuss all and any questions we had. Bahram explained how each stage of the project would proceed, along with a discussion on the costings. If you want an enjoyable stress free experience, Bahram and his team are the people to use.

Homeowners in Birmingham

13 August 2021 – Client

The ProBuild team installed a loft conversion in my terraced property.

From start to finish the professionalism of the team was of the highest standard. Bahram visited my property for the initial consultation and every Avenue of the project was discussed in full. I felt very secure in knowing the project would be done correctly and be what I wanted out of it. Throughout the process I was updated weekly on the progress of the project, as I was not in the property at the time- I felt the team were trustworthy to leave the keys in their possession, I was kept thoroughly informed by different members of the team such as Wes, Matt and Max- all were lovely gentlemen and nothing was a bother to them- phone calls day or night they were happy to assist in any queries I had. The loft conversion is everything I had hoped for , it has provided a lovely light space for an extra bedroom and has brought the finishing touch to my new home.

Thank you pro build for being so accommodating and completing my project in good time ready for the arrival of my 3rd baby.

14 June 2021 – Client

I was introduced to Bahram and the team through a mutual contact, Probuild came highly recommended.

I have been renovating properties for twenty years and have had many experiences, both good and bad. Probuild appealed to me as I thought that having one company who could co-ordinate all aspects of the build would be a great advantage and take some of the work off my shoulders.

We have had no regrets, from our first meeting with Bahram and the team we have been delighted with their professionalism and superb level of competency, dedication and highest of standards.

The team were a delight to work with.

We are now living in our beautiful home which Probuild have helped us renovate and extend safely and to the highest standard and we love living here.

If I have another renovation left in me I would not hesitate to use Probuild again and would highly recommend them for all building work and renovations.

Well done and thank you Team Probuild, great job and great peace of mind for us, especially during the pandemic and all of the challenges that continues to bring.

16 February 2021 – Client

Probuild 360 responded professionally and promptly to assist with an issue I recently raised with them almost 5 years after the initial installation work.

It is reassuring to know that a company is there for you to provide excellent after sales service. They arranged to complete the small rectification without delay and the standard of workmanship was excellent and all completed in one day to my satisfaction.

22 April 2021 – Client