Harborne End Terrace Double Extension & Renovation

When Bahram came to see us, he brought great ideas to us for what we could change.

The planning process was substantial and because I was due to have my baby, I was worried; I knew I’d have less time for the project. But when work started, I realised I had nothing to be concerned about. There was nothing that the team at ProBuild360 wouldn’t do for us. Matt and Wes were incredible. They have been brilliant right through our journey. I felt more than comfortable stepping back knowing my project was in the hands of guys like Matt and Wes.

We went through a period where there was problem after problem, but our house is 105 years old, so that wasn’t all that surprising! When Matt and Wes came across any issues, they always came straight to us. The best part was that they wouldn’t share an issue without also sharing a solution for it. It was great that the company takes responsibility and to be able to trust the guys to manage the project.

One thing I really love and am especially pleased with is the media wall in our living space. I was actually looking at a picture of what I originally sent to the ProBuild360 designers recently and it’s come out just how we wanted it to. We love it.

When we were starting to put the project in motion, we found it really hard to find good recommendations for quality builders so we’re glad that a couple of our friends, who had done work with ProBuild360 previously, recommended them to us. They told us that ProBuild360 had been great to work with and they have been.

Although the journey was stressful at times (it is a construction project after all!), we have a great home. We’re here and we’re happy thanks to ProBuild360.



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