You will get an on-site visit from one of our pre-construction managers (or our Director). During the visit you will be talked through a series of questions to extract an in-depth understanding of your aims for the project.

The aim is to understand “why you are planning the work” and “what you want to achieve”.

We will then examine and investigate the property to assess the existing structure and infrastructure, as well as what we call the buildability factors (access, ground conditions, potential enabling works required etc.)

Finally, we will ascertain what information is currently available relating to design, specification, and consider the required surveys, permits, or reports that may be required to refine the project information and commence construction.

Once we have completed the visit you will receive your Probuild360 Build Consultation Service Summary Pack

The cost of this service is £360 inc VAT. This is refunded to you on your final statement.

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In the pack you will find:

  • A summary of the brief and a list of recommended works in order of priority. This will include any notes or advice on the most appropriate way to carry out the project
  • A guide to the costs associated with the works described 
  • A guide to the programme of works. This means the order of the individual elements and estimated timescales pertaining to each
  • A set of outstanding unknown variables. These are the pieces of information that are not available at this time but are either essential or highly desirable to have in place before the construction phase can commence
  • A road map through the pre-construction phase and the construction phase that will serve as a guide throughout the project.


Guide costs

The guide costs in the summary pack are not an official quote. However, if you are pleased with the costs in the summary and wish to proceed, we can provide a quote based on the figures provided in the summary pack.


The Service is designed to:

  • Quickly provide you with the knowledge and experience of a highly skilled construction professional
  • Give you some clear guidance on costs & timescales, even if the available information is very limited
  • Break the work into key elements and put them in order of priority, based on your goals and our experience
  • Introduce you to Probuild360; our services, our processes, our systems, and our culture
  • Give you confidence and peace of mind as you go into your construction project.