Founded in 2011, we have evolved to become a leading force in the planning, design, construction and installation sector.
We are a multi-disciplinary company that offers a total turn-key solution for our clients.

Our Team

We are positioned in the top 0.002% out of 325,000 construction companies in the UK and are immensely proud to have achieved an impressive array of award-winning, turn-key projects across the Midlands and UK.

Our History

Since 2011 our exponential growth screams volumes and our success shines through not just because of our unique, state of the art showroom, the characters within the business, the buildings we occupy and our fleet, all that goes without saying!

But also, because we offer an innovative, exciting and unrepeatable process that not only delivers to specification but with a vast amount of care and attention.

Our Governance & Policies

Probuild360 are acutely aware that the industry in which we operate hasn’t always had the best of reputations for its openness, transparency and accountability, something we as a company are determined to change driven by the way we operate, ‘raising standards by our own actions’.

As part of our drive to maintain and promote our ethical and pioneering approach to construction of any size, we are proud to say that we use one of the construction industries best CRM systems to constantly record, monitor and improve our working methods.

This daily management of our activities enhances Probuild360’s ability to deal with larger businesses and opportunities, whilst also reinforcing our determination to change the industry in which we operate for the better.