New builds

When clients make the bold decision to build a new home, it is the duty of a builder to recognise that this is a huge choice and is the culmination of many personal factors and a lot of hard work.

Need help with your new build?

Accordingly, these projects are treated with the appropriate impetus (gravity, respect and commitment…) to make the experience a gratifying one for our clients. Your construction professionals should be totally aligned with your goals and markers for successful delivery of the project. This is what we aim to do at the Probuild360 New-Build Private Residence Division. 

As with all our projects, we can join you at any point along the pre-construction process that you find yourself ready for us. At the very start, we can engage in land acquisitions, planning permission application submissions, even planning condition negotiations with local authorities, and any other early-stage consultancy that you need, including all architectural, structural engineering, and other design services. Alternatively, if you are ready to break ground, we can simply put the contract in place and get to work. In short, we can be the strong partner you need to build your new home with confidence.  

In line with the Probuild360 Group model, all the tradesmen, engineers, even drivers and labourers are part of the Probuild360 family. No passing the buck, no excuses. Responsibility for delivery of your new home construction project boils down to one or two individuals – your project managers. Operations and site works are our domain. Our clients are free to concentrate on installation choices, variation orders, and other selections, all monitored and controlled through our app-based management system. If you prefer not to use the app, we have other traditional ways of recording and reporting too. 

Our award-winning construction of new homes often includes specialist installations for either mobility assistance, bespoke design features, or just pure luxury. Some clients know exactly what they want, and our delivery is a straightforward task of hitting our marks. Other clients use the full and thorough personalised service of the Probuild360 culture. Value engineering projects on multiple levels, making full use of the design services that we provide and engaging with us to enhance the outcomes in many ways. These are just some of the ways that our unique approach can benefit our customers. Whatever your approach, our self-imposed metrics for performance on budget, programme and quality, guarantee your home will meet all your expectations.