Coming from 30 years in the business of high-end fashion retail, design is in the DNA of the directors and it has been woven into every facet of Probuild360 and the rest of the group.

Need help with design?

The commitment of Probuild360 to total vertical integration has, of course, included the implementation of complete design solutions to support our activities. Broadly, this includes architectural design, structural design, mechanical and electrical design, interior design and landscape design – and crucially, the technical details, calculations, and specifications to make the concepts into reality. With departments for each of these, this company doesn’t bring our client problems, only solutions. When there are no problems, we offer enhancement and value engineering. 

Our design capabilities don’t stop at the front door either. Probuild360 has developed a network of the best architects, engineers, and designers across the region. Through a highly collaborative approach we have fostered wonderful relationships with building control inspectors, manufacturers and suppliers, and many other professionals with the same passion for innovation that Probuild360 is built on. This way, whatever the challenge, the team our clients have available to them for creating original and intelligent resolutions, is nothing short of vast. 

Due to this focus on collaboration, our proclivity for positive working practices with any design team that clients may already have appointed at the point of engaging with Probuild360 is undeniable. Whatever the level of design input required from us, we are able to deliver; whether that is no input required or total design from concept to completion. With a supply chain including some of the best manufacturers across the UK and Europe, our team is able to identify the correct products to translate your vision into reality on site. As a client, if you appreciate having the world brought to you, and having the research and hard work done for you, you might be a Probuild360 customer.

From pure aesthetic beauty to the understanding and integration of modern methods of construction, design is in our DNA. Our clients benefit from the inspiration of our stunning showroom and design studios, as well as the Probuild360 people who have committed their lives and careers to the pursuit of style, beauty, and comfort, along with the expertise to make these things possible. We think of this as a home for these pursuits and are pleased to welcome you into ours, where we will work with you to create and enhance your home.