The bedrock of all activity within the group is construction, it’s our foundation, it’s what we are built around…

Need help with construction?

First and foremost, Probuild360 is a construction firm. Distinct from what is known as a “building contractor”, Probuild360 directly employs and instructs ALL of the core construction trades. This central control of operations means a firm hand on budget, programme, and quality. The removal of reliance on sub-contractors is the principal policy of the construction activities and is part of the overarching company mission for total vertical integration. As a result, our construction team is unified, professional, accountable, and reliable. From minor works to grand-scale developments, you know that control of your project is as easy as saving one phone number. 

Groundworks and civil engineering, traditional masonry, timber frame, steel frame, pre-cast concrete, drainage and attenuation, all roof structures and coverings, windows and doors, partitioning, electrics, plumbing and heating, drylining, plastering, joinery, and decoration. These and much more are covered and completed by your Probuild360 construction team, managed by your Probuild360 project manager, and recorded and reported by your Probuild360 project administrators. Even the specialist installations that require sub-contractors will be monitored and organised so that our clients have the peace of mind that we expect them to have. 

Our quality benchmarks are set higher than building control or industry standards. With our architectural technicians, structural engineers and top-level construction managers working together on details all of the time, our structures are as robust as can be and look great too. Our constant mission for competency in modern methods of construction means that our bag-of-tricks is deep, and our capabilities in implementing the correct solutions are second to none. The advancement of our goal to create a team of the best and connect them through well-designed systems has been a decade and more of struggle. Let us use the product of that hard work to enhance the outcomes of your construction projects.