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Reputation and credibility are everything. We’ve spent 12 years refining a seamless client experience in our end-to-end design and build service.

The strong, long-lasting relationships demonstrated in our reviews are testament to that.

"What our wonderful customers say"

Harborne Extension & Renovation

We’ve lived in our house for almost forty years and, while being relatively slim people, it had always been a bit of a squeeze for both of us to be in the kitchen at the same time. This, our stage in life, and a fear that replacing any appliance would require a miracle of engineering, […]

Build Consultation Review

I found the consultation very useful. Bahram was so friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable I felt immediately at ease and had complete confidence in what he was telling me. I felt we could discuss a variety of options, looking for creative ways for me to get my wish list! We had a good discussion […]

Castle Bromwich Extension & Renovation

I got the idea for the project last summer. My house used to have an old outbuilding which never did what I wanted it to. I knew that I wanted to replace it with a downstairs bathroom to future proof the house and it was from that initial thought that the project grew legs. I […]

Tamworth Project Review

We wanted to first of all thank you both so much for undertaking the work on our tiny little house..!! Now that it is pretty much done (just the flooring to be patched up) – it has absolutely transformed the look and feel of the whole downstairs like we thought it would and we are over the […]

Henley-In-Arden Build Consultation Review

You know that feeling of dread you get when you think about builders in your house and having to manage multiple different trades yourself? Well after managing some smaller projects, this is exactly how we felt about our first “big” renovation project. I decided it was going to be too complex and stressful for me to […]

Solihull Garage & Kitchen Renovation

We initially found out about ProBuild360 through Houzz. We were looking for someone local, quality and experienced to do our whole project and the promise of end-to-end service on their profile really stood out to me. I really love a one-stop-shop so it’s probably not surprising that it was the fact that everything was in […]

Edgbaston Complete Home Renovation

Due to its low roof, our home gave the impression of a small bungalow. We’d lived there for about 5 years before we started work and loved the intimacy of it but there wasn’t enough space. When we were considering our needs for the project, it was important for us not only to have additional […]

Edgbaston Rear Extension

Like many others during Lockdown, I was looking around my house, working out all the ways I could change it. Juggling home-schooling and working from home really made me realise how we needed to segment our space. I knew visually what I wanted but was wary of any hard sell; I wanted to make sure […]

Harborne End Terrace Double Extension & Renovation

When Bahram came to see us, he brought great ideas to us for what we could change. The planning process was substantial and because I was due to have my baby, I was worried; I knew I’d have less time for the project. But when work started, I realised I had nothing to be concerned […]

Warwickshire Cottage Extension

We’re very keen gardeners, that’s where it starts and when we bought the house, we bought it because it had a space that we could develop – the garden. We’ve spent the past 20 years doing that. The house is lovely but it’s very much an old-style house, with low ceilings and no windows and […]

Harborne Basement Conversion

We initially had other builders on our project but the old workers did not come regularly. When they did turn up, they just got told to do this or that by the contractor who would usually disappear. Every morning we would have to check if someone was coming to do the work and the whole […]

Build Consultation Review

We are so pleased that we went with a design consultation exercise with ProBuild 360. Looking to take on an extension project for our property, we had already formed a picture of the end state in our mind. Barham went through our requirements and vision in detail and the session was so valuable in bringing […]

Solihull Major Extension project

For reference our home was the ‘Major Extensions Project in Solihull’ in the Projects section of Houzz, but it didn’t start off looking anything like that.  Finding a design and build team to deliver on our ideas was a challenge at first, I rang a number of companies who were good at their craft without […]

Build Consultation Review

As you are aware, my home is in need of cosmetic attention and, finances permitting, an extension.  I am a single parent working full time so have very little besides regular living expenses hence cost will always be an issue for me. Probuild360 were recommended by someone that had previous experience with them and a […]

Build Consultation Review

Having decided we needed better utilise our downstairs space and add another bedroom to our property me and my husband contacted ProBuild360 to enquire about where to start? Having done research and asking friends who have had extensions it seemed like a potentially stressful experience having to contact an architect, then a builder, submit planning […]

Build Consultation Review

Our meeting with Bahram was very informative and inspiring. Whilst we’d done a fair bit of research into how we could get the best out of our property and investment, Bahram had many really good pointers and ideas to help us see beyond our original plans. His enthusiasm and knowledge made us feel instantly at […]

Warwickshire End Terrace

Having been very impressed by the quality of our work and service levels, our client, who was relocating from London simply handed us the keys and asked us to renovate his entire house! From rewiring, plastering, flooring, kitchen extension and stylish new kitchen to the bathroom. We designed, built and installed. His comments highlight the […]

Harborne Extension & Renovation

We will always be eternally grateful to our neighbour for recommending Probuild360 and to Bahram and his wonderful team and family for making, what could have been a massively stressful time, go as smoothly as possible. His positive attitude, warm personality, knowledge and skill together with a great team, have given us the home of […]

Birmingham Extension & Renovation

Would I recomend probuild360? I wouldn’t hesitate in doing so. They provide a quality build with very helpful staff and are always willing to put the customer first. What really struck us was the attention to detail, which was very important to us. You can have a quality build where the finish isn’t good or […]

Moseley Project

I didn’t have to coordinate anybody; Bahram did all that. When we did work in our previous house, it was myself that was contacting electricians and plumbers etc, and they all have their own speed of working. But Bahram did it all for us which was fantastic! If there were any concerns or if I […]
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