Harborne Extension & Renovation

We’ve lived in our house for almost forty years and, while being relatively slim people, it had always been a bit of a squeeze for both of us to be in the kitchen at the same time. This, our stage in life, and a fear that replacing any appliance would require a miracle of engineering, convinced us it was time to embark on a modest kitchen extension – but thanks to ProBuild360, it was much more than a mere improvement; it proved to be a genuine transformation!

We should preface our story with the fact that we encountered over a year of delays, largely due to planning complications that were beyond our control and that of ProBuild.  After our initial application was rejected in the winter of 2021, it quickly became clear that achieving an extension design to satisfy the planning officers and our own aspirations would be a far from easy task, which is where the guidance of ProBuild was crucial.

To succeed, we were aware that any such design would demand imagination and ingenuity – and that all-important ingredient of determination. Having been attracted by a previous example of ProBuild’s work, it was here that Bahram’s personal intervention helped give us the answer we were looking for.

This entailed cutting the corner of the proposed extension at a 45-degree angle – or ‘chamfer’, as we later learned in architectural terms. What this design did was to bring the garden into play in a way we hadn’t envisaged, giving us a more panoramic view that was truly inspired. It also created a natural interior flow and feel throughout the house that was missing from the earlier rejected design. In the end, you could say it was the kind of design the word ‘quirky’ was invented for.

What this process showed was ProBuild’s belief that, despite the delays and drawbacks, notably at the planning phase, we would finally have something we would be delighted with. Indeed, Alex was always supportive, available to go over the design and queries, which the project inevitably generated.

That was at the pre-construction stage, but where ProBuild really came into their own was in turning that design and image into something tangible and magical. For that, we couldn’t praise the site teams enough.  They were simply brilliant from the offset: those working on demolition and the foundations in atrocious weather – a ‘team for all seasons’ – right through to the teams responsible for construction and the interior work. We always found them friendly and courteous, and a pleasure to have in and around our home. And, of course, their skill level and expertise show that ProBuild employ people of calibre.

Leadership is, likewise, an essential quality, and that was certainly evident with the Contracts Managers – Wes and Matt – in overseeing the building and interior phases. And this was not only on site. For instance, at a pre-construction meeting, we were introduced to Wes who, on reviewing the design, came up with a couple of suggestions that enhanced enormously the eventual extension. These included levelling the floor of the kitchen to give a smoother flow with the rest of the house, and altering the shape of the rooflight.

Wes impressed with his experience and expertise, and genial approach where nothing seemed impossible or too much trouble. At the same time, he was always available to rectify any concerns we might have. As Wes repeatedly said, as a customer of ProBuild we had a right to deserve the best.

Those same attributes can be used to describe Matt too. Similarly caring and considerate, he was also equally meticulous when it came to attending to detail and responding to questions we might have. That meant keeping us fully informed on the work schedule and ensuring all work was up to the standard he and ProBuild expected. What was especially heartening was the way Matt made you feel that the project really mattered to him as a reflection of his own personal and professional pride.

It’s difficult to boil our experience of ProBuild down to one highlight so we’ve gone for two. The first was our initial visit from Bahram. He simply fizzed with ideas and possibilities in a style we hadn’t found with other construction companies we’d dealt with in the past. That gave us instant confidence, and it was gratifying to see that enthusiasm and belief never diminished, even with the hurdles at the pre-construction stage. The other highlight? That almost goes without saying – the completed kitchen extension, and the enormous pleasure it gives us. Though only marginally larger in area than the pre-extension structures, it has now been changed out of all recognition in terms of our sense of space and useability.

From our view, what appears to be ProBuild’s ultimate hallmark is how they really value their reputation, making us feel that every customer counts. And it is that commitment which underpins why we have no hesitation in recommending them.



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