Build Consultation Review

As you are aware, my home is in need of cosmetic attention and, finances permitting, an extension.  I am a single parent working full time so have very little besides regular living expenses hence cost will always be an issue for me.

Probuild360 were recommended by someone that had previous experience with them and a consultation was arranged- they spoke incredibly highly of them.  I waited with trepidation that I am sure all homeowners feel when undertaking such renovations.  The normal questions plagued me – would they see a single woman that knew nothing on such matters and inflate the costs? Would I be able to afford it? Would their work be of a decent standard?

The day that Bahram came to my home was most certainly an eye opener!!  I think it took approximately 2minutes to realise that I had indeed meet someone that was an expert in his field and a further 3minutes to find out that I was working with a high standard of professionalism and totally able to completely place my trust in him and Probuild360.  He not only listened patiently to what I would ideally want done against what I realistically needed doing, but went further to advise either against it -with a full explanation as to why – but also suggest an alternative.  The key element of advising against something was mainly it would cost so much money… but “think about this instead which is cheaper and would still work”. To say I was impressed is putting it mildly. He came up with ideas I could not even have imagined whilst saving me money.  All he requires is a budget, be it £500,000, £50,000 or £5,000 he will make full use of it and create an amazing work to be proud of.  The portfolio and recommendations/reviews speak for themselves. I am lucky I took note of this.

His expertise and infectious passion for his work has made me look at my home with different eyes- I can almost visualise the change.  This is an exciting adventure I am keen to begin with Probuild360 and cannot wait for the end result.

Thank you so much for making me aware that working with yourselves is the right step towards my dream home.




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