Harborne End Terrace Double Extension & Renovation

When Bahram came to see us, he brought great ideas to us for what we could change. The planning process was substantial and because I was due to have my baby, I was worried; I knew I’d have less time for the project. But when work started, I realised I had nothing to be concerned […]

Warwickshire Cottage Extension

We’re very keen gardeners, that’s where it starts and when we bought the house, we bought it because it had a space that we could develop – the garden. We’ve spent the past 20 years doing that. The house is lovely but it’s very much an old-style house, with low ceilings and no windows and […]

Harborne Basement Conversion

We initially had other builders on our project but the old workers did not come regularly. When they did turn up, they just got told to do this or that by the contractor who would usually disappear. Every morning we would have to check if someone was coming to do the work and the whole […]