Warwickshire Cottage Extension

We’re very keen gardeners, that’s where it starts and when we bought the house, we bought it because it had a space that we could develop – the garden. We’ve spent the past 20 years doing that.

The house is lovely but it’s very much an old-style house, with low ceilings and no windows and you realise after a while that it’s quite dark. What we wanted to achieve with our extension was an uninterrupted view into our garden that connected us to the space that we love. That’s where the project started.

Various architects came and had a look. We felt that we needed to match the old conservatory for a bit of consistency so we gave a remit to someone who produced drawings that matched whilst also giving us the space that looked out over the garden. The architect recommended ProBuild360 for the job and Bahram phoned us to invite us to see the showroom.

Our first interaction with Bahram was an invitation to see the ProBuild360 showroom. We were so surprised because we were used to builders turning up with a tape measure and a pencil behind their ear not builders with a showroom. But we did go to meet him and see the showroom and we are very glad that we did!

The showroom was pretty spectacular; we hadn’t seen anything like it before. We really got a feel for the quality of the work we would receive and the ability of the ProBuild360 teams.

Bahram truly understood what we wanted to achieve with our project. That was clear when he highlighted to us that the old designs would actually obstruct our view of the garden. He cared so much about delivering our end goal, he presented a vision of his own for the project without having seen the space in person! Knowing we were concerned about the mix of old and new, once he explained his vision for the space – the gabled roof and floor-to-ceiling windows – we knew that his design would complement the traditional features of our home. Likewise, his idea to cut off the corner on the right-hand side of the extension was inspired. Now, we’re able to enjoy an additional uninterrupted view into our garden. Our home has gone through a lot of changes in its time; this extension only added to its beauty.

We trusted Bahram and it worked perfectly. Bahram, Wes and the team were always around. They were fantastic and were constantly making sure things were happening when they were supposed to. We never once felt like we were being left to it. It really is exactly what we wanted and more.



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