Solihull Garage & Kitchen Renovation

We initially found out about ProBuild360 through Houzz. We were looking for someone local, quality and experienced to do our whole project and the promise of end-to-end service on their profile really stood out to me.

I really love a one-stop-shop so it’s probably not surprising that it was the fact that everything was in house that won me over. I’m not a renovator or a project manager so the idea that someone would take it over and project manage our entire journey genuinely filled my heart with joy. We’ve done some work in the past so I knew that there would be a cost for the comfort provided by a complete service, but it was well and truly worth paying. Our home is testament to that. I’d be paying therapy fees for years if I’d have had to do it all myself!

When we first approached ProBuild360, my husband and I weren’t exactly sure what we wanted. Between that and being on a smaller budget, we really appreciated how receptive the teams were to our individual needs. Having initially agreed to a design that we later decided wouldn’t work for us, we were invited back by the designers multiple times to play around with our options. I often get overwhelmed with choice but the designers were always happy to guide us. The personalised service was a gamechanger too – nothing was ever too much.

The showroom always had a great buzz. I’ve got a pretty good sense of what’s real and what’s not and I knew after my first visit that it was a genuine place. I loved the feel of it every time we visited. Savannah, who showed us around, was incredibly helpful and friendly too. The fact that there was such a range of spaces was a bonus – I really got the sense that they understand that your home should suit you and that kind of approach was exactly what we wanted for our project.

The teams are amazing too. I loved that at any given moment, there were only 3 people that I needed to call to get the answers I needed. Kieran, especially, was brilliant throughout our project. I’d send messages and emails and before I’d even checked for a reply, what needed doing was done. Every single person I dealt with was charming, professional and helpful and so proud of their work. It’s clear that the guys enjoy what they do, and that reflects in the quality.

One thing that has stuck with me was on something that happened on day 2 or 3. I got a call from Wes about a problem they had come across. Naturally, my first thought was cost and impact on timeline and I think Wes knew that would happen because he didn’t just present the issue to me, he also gave me reality-based solutions. I really appreciated that. I felt like I was talking to someone who not only knew what he was doing, but genuinely had my interests at heart. He got back to me with costings that same afternoon. I was already sold by that point, but it definitely confirmed to me that I’d made the right decision.

ProBuild360 have it down with the initial project documents too. As building novices, the detail felt like a lot at first but as the project progressed, I really came to see the value in having such clear processes. The Scope of Works really impressed us. The clarity it provided was invaluable. On multiple occasions, Matt, highlighted to us that something we thought would cost extra was actually already included in our Scope of Works. That, for me, highlighted to me just how precious what ProBuild360 have is – honesty and integrity through and through.

For us, the highlight of the project was just that it happened. I did forget how annoying packing and unpacking is but I think if that’s my only complaint, we’ve done well! We wanted to make our home as comfortable as possible for us and the way that we live and our journey with ProBuild360 delivered that and more.



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