Edgbaston Complete Home Renovation

Due to its low roof, our home gave the impression of a small bungalow. We’d lived there for about 5 years before we started work and loved the intimacy of it but there wasn’t enough space. When we were considering our needs for the project, it was important for us not only to have additional spaces but for them to connect. Now the project is complete, the flow of our home works better than we could have imagined.

Before we started building, ProBuild360 recognised issues with our initial build design and paid for a third party structural engineer to re-evaluate it. They went above and beyond. The detailed input that the teams had into the design left me feeling secure that any structural issue would be dealt with robustly and without compromise. Their integrity with the value and structural engineering of our project really made me feel like they had my back. I can’t fault them at all.

I’ve done renovation projects before but this one was my biggest yet and, honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a daunting project, but having a partner like ProBuild360 to guide us made the journey so easy. That was the best part – the fact that we never felt like we were alone or being left to it. For us, the trust element was massive. We run multiple businesses, but at any given moment, we never felt like we had too much on. The project was so well managed that we felt we could just live our lives and progress would still be made – and it was!

We took a lot of design inspiration from ProBuild360. They are great at giving you ideas for what your home could be. The teams’ input into our project’s designs turned our initial ideas into a focused vision which was helpful in delivering the sophisticated and timeless feel that we wanted. We also used their sister company, Mazon Flooring, and the finish is absolutely stunning. Alex is so good and so proud of his work. The teams totally fulfilled the brief. The space is me; I’m really happy.

I’ve worked with builders before on other renovation projects, mostly good experiences, but this journey was by far the best. Reputation is so important and ProBuild360 deserve theirs. They are genuinely good people who have made what is usually a stressful process easy.



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