Castle Bromwich Extension & Renovation

I got the idea for the project last summer. My house used to have an old outbuilding which never did what I wanted it to. I knew that I wanted to replace it with a downstairs bathroom to future proof the house and it was from that initial thought that the project grew legs.

I figured that if I was going to do it, I may as well do it properly. But the questions of how to go about it, who was going to do it for me and where to begin were overwhelming. I didn’t have a clue where to start. I’d heard a myriad of horror stories of builders not turning up, and if they did, it was never on time and the works weren’t good.

I knew I could have project managed myself, but I just didn’t want to. I’ve got a life to live! So, I went on a search for turnkey builders who would do the whole thing for me. ProBuild360 consistently popped up as I was doing my research and the more I read, the more sure I was that I wanted to work with you.

Everything came together when I met Bahram. There is no finer an ambassador for his company than the man himself! The build consultation I had with him further bolstered my confidence in the company. It made crystal clear to me that the business really knows what it is doing and gave me the sense that I was going to get a hassle-free experience which is exactly what I wanted. I was already sure that the quality was there from what I’d read and seen online and on the social media, so the confidence that the consultation service gave me was the final piece of the puzzle.

My visit to the showroom took me right back to the confidence thing. My biggest takeaway was the thought that ‘these guys are really going to deliver’. There is a lovely vibe and atmosphere created by the teams too. The visit really gave me a sense of what you were about as a company, and I have not been disappointed.

My design consultation was eye-opening too. In my head, I just assumed that the kitchen would just stay where it was and whatever I added would end up where the old outbuilding had been. Thank god for the design team! The new layout that they proposed meant I was able to get an island in my kitchen, which I never thought was possible. I don’t like having too many options (I’m not made to look at hundreds of shades of blue!), so I asked to be given option A or option B, and the designers accommodated that. I really appreciated the guidance they offered.

I think it’s brilliant to have all the teams in house. I never sat at home wondering where people were or what was being done; the trades were always here when I expected them here. And one thing that was especially great was seeing that there’s still so much skill and experience out there. You guys were organising everything behind the scenes and I was consistently seeing the results.

It is probably quite an unusual way to describe a construction project, but my build was so graceful. It ran exactly to plan. And now I’m in and settled, it just feels so nice to have seen it turn out. I’m a ‘do it once, do it right’ kind of person and my decision to go with ProBuild360 was definitely the right one to make.



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