Build Consultation Review

Having decided we needed better utilise our downstairs space and add another bedroom to our property me and my husband contacted ProBuild360 to enquire about where to start?

Having done research and asking friends who have had extensions it seemed like a potentially stressful experience having to contact an architect, then a builder, submit planning permission and deal with sub contractors for plumbing, electrics etc, something we find daunting have no experience in structural building work and also having two young children and work to contend with at the same time.

When I came across ProBuild360 website however their whole
concept of managing the build as a project that included everything from start to finish, including designing the rooms appealed to us. So we booked a build consultation to get their advice and a quote.

Bahram visited us and I have to say having dealt with various tradesmen in the past, how impressed I was with not only his Knowledge and ideas about how best to use the space we have, but his professionalism and genuine resolve to want to help us get the best out of the budget we have. Bahram has an infectious enthusiasm that reassured us he understands how important the extension will be for our family life and suggested some great ideas that we hadn’t thought of.

Following the initial consultation me my husband and two children visited their showroom where we met with Bahram and his wife. The showroom displays some amazing interior design which seems to be just as important to them as the build
itself. Bahram showed us around (the kids especially enjoyed running about and watching the cinema screen) and sat down and explained exactly what would be involved, broken down in to each piece of work to be included in our contract.

What I liked about this experience is that Bahram was very transparent and realistic about the cost as we have a strict budget we can’t afford for any unexpected surprises. I felt at ease to raise any questions I likes which he was able to answer with ease.

They will take care of everything from start to finish, Including drawing up plans, planning permission, building, kitchen and bathroom taking an element of stress out of the process for us.

Most of all we would like to say that Bahram and Tehmina have just been so lovely. I have rarely experienced such good customer service and admittedly I did not expect such in this trade, I have been pleasantly surprised. They have really gone out of
their way to ensure they can give us the best for our budget and more.

We look forward to working with their company and can’t wait to get to start our extension!



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