Build Consultation Review

Our meeting with Bahram was very informative and inspiring. Whilst we’d done a fair bit of research into how we could get the best out of our property and investment, Bahram had many really good pointers and ideas to help us see beyond our original plans. His enthusiasm and knowledge made us feel instantly at ease with our choice to contact ProBuild. I really appreciated his guidance in regards to a very rough cost estimate. Whilst it did bring us back to earth a little (a girl can dream, right?) it did also give us the confidence that we can count on ProBuild’s professional guidance in this regard.


Really appreciate the time Bahram has spent with us trying to understand our vision. The 2.5hrs flew by and for a first consultation, the meeting met our expectations perfectly. It was great to bounce a few ideas back and forth and tap into Bahram’s extensive knowledge. The consultation has given us even more confidence to truly get stuck into our project and do so with a build partner that’s trustworthy, capable and experienced such as ProBuild will no doubt make this journey more manageable and less daunting for us. I was most impressed by the comprehensive build schedule ProBuild has in place that is shared with clients daily as well as the work ethics and values that Bahram instils into his workforce.


Even if you think you know everything there is and you’ve researched the minute details of your project, the team at ProBuild have years of experience that is invaluable and ready for you to tap into even at such an early stage. At the very least you’ll have the opportunity to get to know Bahram and through him all that ProBuild stands for and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Look at it as speed dating before embarking on a crazy around the world adventure. 



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