10 Year Anniversary

Probuild360 10 year anniversary ogo

“An intense combination of pride and gratitude overwhelms us when we think of what has been created here over the last 10 years.

This is what happens when you bring together visionary innovation, high-level skills and experience, and old fashioned hard work. Vision without the hard work is like standing in front of a mountain; you have to climb with no legs. Hard work without the vision is like running on a hamster wheel.

Our people bring vision and hard work to Probuild360 every single day and for this, we are truly grateful”.

Bahram Parinchy 2021

Here’s to the next

10 Years...

In the

In the beginning, there was work. The family had experience in property and construction through their existing rental portfolio, painstakingly built up in the early days!

It was then that friends and acquaintances began asking for ‘that’ experience to be applied to their homes and real estate projects. And, before we knew it, the construction activity was outperforming the families existing business interest and soon became the primary pursuit.

By the time Probuild360 was incorporated in 2011, we were coordinating real estate investments for wealth management groups, managing acquisitions, planning, design, construction, and installation. It soon became clear that whilst there were many professionals that would carry out each of these individual elements, there was a great desire for a company that would carry out the whole process. What people were looking for was clarity, simplicity, competence, and an assumption of responsibility, ‘that’ experience.


The mission was infused into the name from day one. Probuild360. Providing a 360-degree process, turn-key solutions, and a complete service.

This would become engrained in the hearts of those who would join the organisation. The skills, knowledge, and experience in construction were a starting point, but to make it at Probuild360 would require exceptional communication, well-developed management faculties, and an ability to handle projects and clients with integrity.

It would soon become apparent that Probuild360 represented the opposite alternative to everything negative about the construction industry. We are putting an exciting new twist on the home improvements and property development market through transparency, honesty, and a positive approach. The grassroots company was beginning to grow its own naturally conceived ethos. This was the start of a journey that nobody could predict would become so fruitful.


Over the years, the mission has developed into a set of principles, goals, and objectives -the foundation of all Probuild360’s activity, the strategy, and how we do things.

We are the “antidote to fragmentation within the industry” and we are “redefining the home improvements and property development market”. This means that we never stop refining and improving our systems and protocols. It means that the efficiency of working practices between departments makes the client journey feel like a seamless process along a critical path.

The success of a construction project can be measured by the “golden triangle” of budget, programme, and quality. We ensure that everyone, from our labourers, engineers, and site operatives, to our supervisors, managers, and directors, are working to stay tight within these metrics as a matter of top priority. Beyond this, we aim to make the process an exciting and enhancing experience. Whether a client is a homeowner, a business owner, or a developer, the projects are a huge part of their life. So, we expect our methods to respect that fact and ensure that stress is not part of the Probuild360 experience. We prefer to see our clients enjoying a coffee in our design studios or getting excited as they view their 3D architectural models on the big screen in the board room.

It takes hands to
build a house, but
only hearts can
build a home.