Build Consultation Review

I found the consultation very useful. Bahram was so friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable I felt immediately at ease and had complete confidence in what he was telling me.

I felt we could discuss a variety of options, looking for creative ways for me to get my wish list! We had a good discussion about costs, timescales and the focus of the work. Bahram led us through the next steps, should we proceed, and who in the Probuild360 team would be helping us.

I felt like my project was important to Bahram and that I wasn’t just another consultation in a long list. I am so excited about the project and the vision Bahram helped bring to life that I cannot wait to get started. We know we could get lots of quotes from other companies but I don’t think I would feel anywhere near the same level of confidence that I do in Probuild360 following the consultation.  I cannot wait to get started!!



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