Edgbaston Rear Extension

Like many others during Lockdown, I was looking around my house, working out all the ways I could change it. Juggling home-schooling and working from home really made me realise how we needed to segment our space. I knew visually what I wanted but was wary of any hard sell; I wanted to make sure there were things like this – the aftercare – in place, so that we knew that we were more to our builders than just a number on a spreadsheet.

Not many companies around provide a full 360 (pardon the pun!) service. I didn’t want different subcontractors all over the place and ProBuild360’s end-to-end service really enticed me. We wanted somebody in our home who worked with integrity and we knew that ProBuild360 were invested in making sure it was a proper job.

Our initial extension was built in 2016 by another builder. He basically just built 4 walls and we had to live with it as an unfinished blank space for like 5 years before I called ProBuild360. It wasn’t a total disaster, but we had definitely been seduced by the promise of the design. It’s taken about 5 years to get what we actually wanted. Working with ProBuild360 was a whole different ballgame to projects run by one-man-band builders.

We started building the vision around my office. I wanted a space for me – a full-time working mum. Pretty quickly, the vision developed into an extension to accommodate a new dining area. Initially, I had said that I wanted one large skylight in the extension, but Bahram offered me an alternative vision: two large skylights with a central reservation for a statement pendant light. In the end, that design was the one went with because it really anchored and defined the space. Likewise, the vision for our living space was executed perfectly. The level of carpentry prowess from the guys who did our shelving was off the charts amazing. I can’t sing their praises enough. Matt and Wes couldn’t do enough for us either. They’re no-nonsense, even military-like, guys who just get stuff done. They’re second to none.

Our journey with ProBuild360 has changed the way we live. Think of the way a table drives conversation; small things like our new dining space have completely altered the way I interact with my children and the way in which our family operates more generally. I’ve recommended ProBuild360 to loads of people. And in 5 years’ time, if I decide I don’t like this wall and want it covered or changed, I’ll be picking up the phone to ProBuild360.



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