Harborne Basement Conversion

We initially had other builders on our project but the old workers did not come regularly. When they did turn up, they just got told to do this or that by the contractor who would usually disappear. Every morning we would have to check if someone was coming to do the work and the whole day would go by with no answer and no work done.

When they did turn up, at the end of the day, I’d go downstairs to see the progress. There were points where there weren’t even props holding everything up and making it safe. I’d call up the contractor to ask if I should put a prop in and instead of sending someone to do the work, he would just say ‘oh yeah, thanks!’

We were just so stressed; we had no idea how to get out of the situation of having a hole under the house. We knew that ProBuild360 were doing work at a house across the road because there was a sign outside. So, we rang the number and hoped for the best.

When ProBuild360 said they would take our project on, the site was an absolute mess. From when Wes and his team arrived, there was a massive transition. It was like chalk and cheese between ProBuild360 and our old builders. Whereas before we would have to ask if anyone was coming, we could set our clock with ProBuild360 arriving on site; it was like a military exercise.

It was a really complex project but you can see the results! You know these multi-story, skyscraper kind of buildings going up, it’s clear that they require high-level organisation and ability. ProBuild360 gave our project exactly that but on a focused, individual scale.

Regarding an additional project:

‘We got another company to work on the render for the lightwell at the front of the property and the coping stones on top. Only after it had been installed did we realise that it’s not what we want. What we envision is what is there, just properly done and we just know that ProBuild360 will do it properly.’



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