They say that beauty is only skin deep. We disagree. A beautiful space, to live, work, love, and play is something that comes with complete alignment of purpose, meaning, functionality, and aesthetics. Not dissimilar to a well-constructed life or a healthy human body – If one aspect is left wanting, the overall result is diminished greatly. You can train as hard as you like, but if your nutrition is poor, there is no success in the pursuit of health. You may be financially flush and have designer clothes and sports cars, but without purpose and meaning, it’s just gaudy. This is why truly good design starts at the fundamental level and the end result is beautiful in form and function. 

MazonInteriors360 is part of the Probuild360 Group. Therefore, it is centred around the group philosophy of integration. The service of design, supply, and installation is one that has been developed to provide our clients with homes, gardens, and other spaces that say something about the people and lives that are connected to them. It is our job to interpret your brief and then translate it into reality. To do so we will need to learn your priorities for the space, how you imagine life there, and what it means to you. Whether you are a construction client or not, MazonInteriors360 will make your experience of making any space come to life a meaningful journey. 

We have a world of products, materials, and suppliers that allow for limitless aspiration and imagination. Worktops, cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, fittings, furniture, fabrics, papers, stones, woods, tiles, paints, and anything else needed to create a dream space. Lighting schemes designed and installed, original artwork sourced and mounted, the depth of the service that we can provide has no boundaries. For those with simpler requirements, our team can efficiently design your space, identify a range of products for you to select from, and get your selections on their way. From there the installation team can work their magic.

Our designers operate on systems that can produce photorealistic renders and 3D modelling of your project so that the visualisation of the details is amazing, giving you confidence in your choices before you sign off plans and place orders. All this is based in our exciting and vibrant headquarters, with an exciting and inspirational showroom, which includes kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, even our GardenSpace360 showroom model. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with refreshments while you and your designer get creative. Access to the showroom is by appointment only so that our clients receive the most personal service possible. Call now and tell us about your plans. 

Possibly the most unique aspect of what is first-and-foremost a construction firm, is the design, supply, and installation of the internal finishes-in-house.