UK Construction Week – London

Offering 3 days of meaningful insight into our industry and its progress, UK Construction Week 2023 was a future-focused event emphasising not only where our industry currently stands, but also where it is heading.

Invited by the National Federation of Builders to speak at the event’s Culture Change Hub, our Construction Manager, Michael, represented us as he spoke on the topic of culture and its impact on performance and productivity within Construction.

Drawing parallels between professional development and the difference between renting or owning your home, Michael’s presentation highlighted that a positive culture is created through people witnessing their own progress, being supported in that progress and experiencing the actualisation of what they were working towards.

In Michael’s words, ‘the retention of equity in the home translates to career and personal development. People see themselves progressing and growing in a nurturing company, as the homeowner sees their equity grow over time’. For example, a population of renters is, fundamentally, a transient group of individuals, but when they are met with and given the facilities with which to take ownership of a home, they become rooted with a stake in the outcomes of the collective, thus creating a meaningful culture.

The same could be said for us. By bringing all the core trades under one roof, we invite each individual craftsman to commit not only to delivering their individual responsibility but also the loftier, overarching project goals. Genuinely rooting for the best outcome from and for everyone, our fully integrated structure has created an organic culture that values both the individual and that which they contribute to the collective. It’s this community spirit that defines the Construction industry. Collaborative work will continue to fortify and fulfil those in and those employing our industry and as it does, we look forward to seeing the inevitable benefits of it come to pass.

Defined by the voices of thought leaders, pioneering practices and innovative materials and technologies, we always come away from events like UK Construction Week inspired and eager to continue to contribute to the built environment and its future.

With that in mind, from the capital to the second city, we are looking forward to the second instalment of UK Construction Week as it comes to Birmingham this October. Will we see you there?



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