The Signature Awards – London 2022

One could argue that a business tailored to the domestic construction industry that covers the entire project lifecycle is overzealous or too ambitious. But another could just as easily prove, with Probuild360 as its case study, just how necessary and productive it really is.

Take the Signature Awards. The event’s mission – ‘to shine a spotlight on the work of those business professionals who have provided cutting edge thinking and have driven their organisations forward’. What is Probuild360 if not the product of cutting edge thinking? Who are we if not the pioneering construction company in the UK revolutionising the way both the Build and Interior industries and their clients think about renovation and building? Our nomination in the 2022 Signature Awards for Excellence in Real Estate at the London, Park Lane Hilton Hotel is a testament to our ambition, to zealousness, to competition and to success. 

The 4 pillars of Probuild 360 – Planning, Design, Construction and Installation – exist in a vertically integrated model that provides clients with a partner who will take responsibility for it all, openly and honestly, from submitting planning applications right through to the installation of award-winning interior-design finishes. This full, 360 service sets the company apart from any other domestic construction operation. And that’s only the beginning.

With such a strong and unique foundation, the last year has represented a characteristic quantum leap for Probuild360. By 2023, our clients will be invited to walk through their future homes in virtual reality. Able to see their design choices in a fully immersive experience, we will be the only construction enterprise that is able to take their clients on a design journey never before available in our industry. Alongside this, our build consultation service now includes our new, signature ‘on-the-spot survey and design consultation’. Probuild360 consultants will give clients our usual top-of-line consult and then walk through the property and scan the structure. Within minutes, our technology will have generated a 3D digital model and floor plans. Following discussion with and instruction from our clients, we will manipulate the existing plans to visualise the proposed layouts in that moment! This entirely unique service added to an already unrivalled and exclusive set of resources and solutions is indicative of the fact that Probuild360 never stops imagining what the perfect customer experience could be.

And if that’s not enough to prove our pursuit of Excellence in Real Estate, we are also continuing our legacy of pioneering thought and practice through a Thought Leadership Project in conjunction with Birmingham City University. The outcomes of this project include, but of course are not limited to, an instructive video game series, workshops and seminars, a Probuild360 video diary of a selection of our current developments and a podcast series. With so much output, our ultimate aim is to make Probuild360 a household name for knowledge and experience in domestic construction. To be able to engage with clients in this way is groundbreaking but to be able to operate in a way that facilitates that is revolutionary. We are the future of the construction industry. We value transparency, efficiency, compassion and you can take that to the bank. 

Keep an eye on our social channels to find out more about our time at the London Signature Awards 2022 and our nomination. And don’t forget – to start your journey with Probuild 360, just give us a ring on 0121 359 8000. We’re always happy to hear from you.



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