The Houzz Pro Experience | A Houzz Pro review

The Houzz Pro Experience | A Houzz Pro review

At ProBuild360 we have built a modern construction company, using modern methods of construction, supported by modern systems of administration. One such system is Houzz Pro –  

As many of our current and past clients will know, ProBuild360 has been very active within the Houzz community since its introduction to the UK market. Way back in March 2017 ProBuild360 welcomed the Houzz team to Birmingham and hosted a design evening, rubbing shoulders with all the movers and shakers in home design from throughout the Midlands. Even further back in October 2015, ProBuild360’s Michael Parinchy teamed up with Houzz’s Ffion Francis to put on a home design workshop for the public at the Grand Designs Live exhibition that year. THIS IS A LOVE AFFAIR FOR THE AGES!

Back in the office, as so many of our current and past clients will know, the ProBuild360 Houzz profile has been a point of connection to the market that has been as active as our own website! Last year Houzz was the source of 36% of all our enquiries surpassed only by – This activity was stimulated by uploading all newly completed projects (with only the most stunning professional photographs), lots of description and discussion to influence and inspire, and getting involved in as many chats, forums, and message boards as possible (which isn’t a chore for the chatty folk at ProBuild360). Before Houzz Pro, we would have to manually extract and record the enquiries and all the pertinent information into spreadsheets and set up reminders in our calendars to contact/visit/design/quote for the clients. The future is now though! With Houzz Pro’s CRM the client journey from enquiry to work-on-site is a fluid, reliable, and attractive experience. As professionals, the tools available on Houzz Pro have given the ProBuild360 management the capacity to handle a greater volume of projects with efficiency and control. By creating designs, costing documents, and even taking payments through the Houzz Pro system we have streamlined our management process into a lean, mean, house-building machine! Using the product clipper tool and smart product sourcing our managers are having to pinch themselves to make sure they’re not dreaming.  

Personally, I find myself celebrating as order confirmations pop through as notifications on my phone when the dinner is cooking at home or whilst waiting for a drive-through coffee. In fact, with Houzz Pro, my colleagues and I are able to get twice the amount of work done and it doesn’t feel like work. Staying in control of multiple projects, even remotely (particularly with the current restrictions due to Covid) has become a free-flowing, enjoyable activity, rather than cramming and chasing deadlines in limited office hours. 

At Probuild360 we’re integrating our activities into Houzz Pro as fully as possible. As we look ahead to the future, we have big plans for growth. With diversifying into sub-brands and new products and services on the horizon, we want to make sure we are doing all of that while supporting our clients, so a dynamic and innovative approach to work is essential for us.  

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*Disclosure: This is sponsored by Houzz. However, all information included in this post is real based on my firm’s numbers and experience. My opinions are my own.

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